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The ICV/MCE Dual membership is a personal membership offered jointly by ICV
Internationaler Controller Verein eV (Münchner Str. 8, 82237 Wörthsee, Germany )
and MCE Menedzsment és Controlling Egyesület).
Natural persons gaining dual membership will be eligible for the following services offered by ICV:

– Joining the European level connection network of ICV;
– Downloading e-News, ICV Statements, publications, studies (pdf);
– Discount from the participation fee of the Controller Congress in München;
– Downloading the publications of the ICV Ideas-workshop


I am international networked, therfore I am

Link to ICV: https://www.icv-

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What is controlling? Why do we need controllers? How Should Controllers See their Managers What Tasks do Controllers Have?  How
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